COVID-19 Information

Is it safe to come to the Peachtree Medical?

For non-contagious patients who need a check-up, or some chronic cares, we offer telemedicine services. In the safety of your home, you will be able to talk to our providers via a video conference app.

If telemedicine cannot help, please come to the clinic. We have adapted our protocol to provide a safe environment and minimize contagion risks.

How to escape COVID-19 and other infections?

Infections come from either viruses or bacteria. Like flu and cold, Covid-19 is a virus.  To remedy bacterial infections, we use antibiotics but they are not efficient on viruses.  Viral infections are treated with antiviral medications but for the moment, there is no FDA-approved antiviral medication for Covid-19.

1) Prevention is the best treatment

Distance yourself with infected patients. Sanitize contaminated surfaces. Learn safer habits: wash your hands regularly, avoid touching your face and mouth. These will prevent virus and bacteria from entering your body.

2) Boost Your Immune System

At its best shape, your immune system will recognize and fight infections more efficiently. Here are 3 boosters.


covid-19 diet


• Make sure your body has enough vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. 

• Avoid junk food, highly processed food, smoking, excessive alcohols.



covid-19 mental health


• Get enough sleep. It allows your brain to achieve REM sleep, which is important for your mental health. 

• To your stress, try breathing and meditation techniques that will help you evaluate the situation 

• Keep your social support intact, despite the distance.



covid-19 physical health tips


2h30 of physical activities per week will improve your physical condition. Get enough exercise, strengthen your heart, and your muscles. Spend less time sitting, be active!